Mystery Valley & Monument Valley

Experience Description

Half Day Experience
We'll meet at 9AM to explore one of the following areas:

1. Mystery Valley

  • We'll travel to natural arches carved by wind and sand over time. We'll see ancient Anasazi ruins with pictographs (painted onto rock) and pictoglyphs (chipped into rock). 

2. Monument Valley

  • We'll traverse Monument Valley Park and learn about the spiritual meaning behind each monument carved by nature and time. You'll see another side of the park normally not seen on regular expeditions. There will be arches, pictoglyphs, and totem pole structures just to name a few. 

Full Day Experience
         You'll experience both Mystery Valley & Monument Valley. 

Join me and you're guaranteed to leave in awe of the culture & one of a kind beauty of the valley. 


About Robert

I was born and raised in Monument Valley. I've been in the tour/hospitality industry for well over a decade. I take great pride in sharing my personal experiences in the valley. Life is all about connections and memories we make with people.  


  • Authentic Navajo Guide
  • Cultural Insights
  • Rare Anasazi Petroglyphs/Ruins
  • Monument Valley Park Entrance Fee
  • Site Transportation or Ride Along With You


Half Day
$220 (4hr)

Full Day
 $400 (8hr)


Living History

“Robert was great. I was a little hesitant to book an all day tour, but it was well worth it. He gave my wife and I in depth background information on the Anasazi ruins as well as insight on Navajo culture and traditions. It was like being in a National Geographic special.”

— Alex (San Francisco, CA)

Personalized Experiences

“I really loved how personal the experience was, unlike the typical large generic group tours. Robert really tailored the trip to our needs. It seemed like every corner we turned, there was a stunning view of the desert valley rich in reds and sandstone tones. I could hardly put my camera down. ”

— Danielle (Austin, TX)


The Past & Present Converge Here