March 1, 2018

We're working hard on an early app release for the Apple App Store.


➡ Group Reservations

Manually manage the size, dates, and times for your listing. Use private messaging and accept secure payments.

➡ Scheduling + Availability Management

Curators are now able to select the days and times they are available. Your clients will be able to select one or more of the available time slots. Once a time slot is reserved, the selected hours will no longer be available. This prevents double bookings. If you decline the reservation, the time slot will automatically open up. This makes life much easier for Private 1-on-1 Experiences.

➡ Description Fields

Experience Time: Select how long your experience will last. Experience Size: Select how many clients are in your group reservations.

➡ Details

Check Boxes: if your clients need to be Age 18+, Age 21+, ID Verification, and Cancellation Options.

➡ Social Media

You can enter your social media accounts build your brand and show off more of your portfolio.

Thank you for believing in our vision and supporting us! We could not do it without you.


Tellomee Team