Sculpting Pottery & Wine

The workshop will be focused on traditional pottery crafting techniques. There will be the possibility for everyone to change the decoration with own original creations and add a dedication. I'm sure you will fall in love it!

INCLUDES: Clay, Pottery Wheel, Apron, Pottery Techniques, Kiln
EXPERIENCE SIZE: Intimate Group Experience (2-4 guests)
CITY: San Francisco
ABOUT ME: I've been making and teaching pottery 2002. I fell in love with the art in high school and haven't stopped since. Pottery has taken me around the world and now I'm back in San Francisco for a time. In 2014 I was appointed Master of Art by Tuscany Govt. because I follow the traditional guidelines and collaborate with many institutions and artists.
Ages 18+
Ages 21+
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Flexible Cancellation
24 Hour Cancellation
48 Hour Cancellation