Prohibition Cocktails

Experience Description

We'll meet at my speakeasy in Brooklyn where you'll get some history behind prohibition era cocktails as well as learning how to make them yourself, but the best part is that you'll also get to taste them! You'll dazzle at your next party.

Choose 3 cocktails:

  1. Southside (the drink for Al Capone and his gang)
  2. Side Car 
  3. Tuxedo #2
  4. Bee's Knees
  5. Highball
  6. Ward 8
  7. Old Fashioned

About James

A blind pig in a juice joint!

I'm a master mixologist based in Brooklyn. In case you're confused, I don't have a blind pig and we're not going to make juice. A Blind Pig/Juice Joint a.k.a. Speakeasy, was an attempt to evade detection by allowing patrons to gaze upon some sort of exotic creature (i.e. a blind pig) and be given a complimentary cocktail upon entrance. I've been told that I also put on a good show.


  • Spirits
  • Infusions & Juices
  • Garnishes
  • History Buff Stuff
  • Rooftop Views of NYC
  • A Good Time


3 Cocktails (1.5hr)

Shaken or Stirred?