DUMBO Art Walk

Experience Description

With this being New York, there's always something creative popping up. I'll take you on a walk through the civil war era buildings juxtaposed with modern street façades and temporary art installations. You'll get to know the lower Manhattan skyline with a fresh pair of eyes as we make our way through the neighborhood. We'll finish up with an eclectic gallery stroll with some exclusive* openings.

*+1's for galleries are hard to come by. Strolls are limited to 1-2 people.  

About Spencer

I attended The Juilliard School for classical music. I love New York because it affords many opportunity to see world class art and I think people forget that living here. You don't have to go to a posh museum to really experience innovation and culture. I want to show you a how stroll down a street or intimate gallery space can change your perspective. 


  • Insider Gallery Access
  • Artist Backgrounds


2.5 hrs


Felt Special

“I'm not one who is part of the 'art scene' per say, but getting access to private gallery openings was really awesome. Spencer was also very charming and knowledgeable.”

— Jessica (New York,  NY)

Cool Experience

“I moved to NYC about a year ago and had no idea this is what was going on in DUMBO. Really awesome neighborhood. I met a lot of cool people.”

— Kozmo (New York, NY)


Immerse Yourself