Intro to Parkour

Looking for a new kind of workout? Is your gym overfilled with other people's new year's resolutions? Bootcamp overbooked?

Learn to parkour while enjoying San Francisco's beautiful outdoors!

This private lesson for you and your friends is like an extended personal training session, except you'll be doing things that are way more fun than any bootcamp.

I will guide you through several basic parkour moves, while developing a safety-oriented mindset, and explaining the basic physics that makes these moves work.

This class is:

- a basic parkour lesson,

- a personal trainer session (expect a workout!),

- a guide to safety-oriented progression,

- a basic physics primer,

- and a bunch of fun, all rolled into one.

Several people have told me this was amongst the top experiences of their lives - that's a high bar, but at the very least it should be a lot of fun :-)

INCLUDES: Instruction, water, a great workout, developing a safety-oriented mindset, a basic physics lesson, and fun times
EXPERIENCE SIZE: Intimate Group Experience (2-4 guests)
CITY: San Francisco
ABOUT ME: I've been practicing parkour for 8 years counting, in over 20 cities across 3 continents. As well as countless meetups and several workshops at music festivals, I've taught a physics-oriented parkour class at Burning Man the past five years.
Ages 18+
Ages 21+
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