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I'm the Founder of Tellomee. I built Tellomee because I grew tired of the same old cookie-cutter "things to do" in my city. One thing I enjoy is going to new places around the world because it gives me new perspectives on life and teaches me things I don't yet know about myself.

However, waiting to go to some far flung part of the world in order to gain insight or try something new seemed forced and artificial. I realized there were new experiences with amazing people where I already was; I didn't have to wait weeks, months, or years. Niche experiences are difficult and time-consuming to find, unless you know someone or stumble upon an obscure bulletin board flyer. I craved more unique and meaningful life experiences, things that you might not know you'd enjoy, which help you grow and feel great.

We live in a world of endless scrolling on our screens, it's time to stop watching and start doing.

I also wanted to help people share something they're extremely enthusiastic about, without being looked at like they were being too weird (because who hasn't geeked out, am I right?) — while allowing them to earn extra income along the way. Increasingly, automation is displacing traditional workers and I cannot sit idly by; this is an opportunity for many people to get back in-touch with what makes them happy. It's important to support the people in your community. Everyone belongs somewhere.

Have you ever felt a special moment when a stranger gave you a genuine compliment because they noticed your unique shirt, which you discovered in the corner of a little boutique shop; a vintage car you're proud of restoring; something you are freakishly good at?

Those special moments are what we're about; I want to experience your stories.

So, Tellomee more.

We're all just floating through space on this big spaceship called Earth — let's make it a memorable journey, together.

Best, Jerry

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